• Assessment of intellectual, developmental, academic, social, emotional and behavioral areas.
  • Behavior management, social and emotional support through consultation with teachers, parents, and therapists to develop strategies to help the child succeed at school and home, including skills for learning, daily living, social skills, anger control and behavior management
  • Cognitive-behavioral counseling for children and families from a Biblical perspective
  • Diagnosis of developmental delay spectrum disorders, autism, giftedness, mental retardation, learning disabilities and attention deficit disorder


  • Preliminary Consultation at the beginning of the school year, or when you first contact me, for the purpose of meeting you and your child, and going over the requirements of the Pennsylvania law, discussing various formats for documentation, and helping you access resource materials and support groups.
  • End-of-year Evaluation for the purpose of evaluating your child’s educational progress, based on a portfolio of the child’s work for the year in all subject areas, interviews with the child and with the primary teaching parent. Includes subject-by-subject, individualized written report.  Required by Pennsylvania law.
  • Special Education Approval:  Review and written approval of learning objectives and materials for special needs children as required by Pennsylvania law.
  • Educational Consultation to discuss educational options, help you write your learning objectives, or plan a high school course of study for diploma.
  • Crisis Consultation or Evaluation:  If your student or family is involved in a crisis situation, I will try to schedule an immediate appointment with you.
  • Special Needs Assessment:  Formal diagnostic testing of your child’s intellectual and academic abilities, developmental, social, emotional or behavioral needs. Allow 4-5 hours.
  • Specialized Diagnostic Assessment: Math, reading, written language, developmental skills, ADHD, gifted, learning disabilities, etc.
  • Peabody Individual Achievement Test:  Achievement testing as required by Pennsylvania law in Grades 3, 5 and 8, but in a one-to-one, non-written format; recommended for students with special needs.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Counseling:  Child and family counseling for social, emotional and behavioral concerns.  Practical solutions from a Christian perspective.
  • Professional Seminars and workshops for homeschool and parent groups, co-ops, and conferences.


Workshop Presentations Available for Parents

  • Big Rocks, Little Rocks – Improving Family Dynamics
  • Best Practices for Parenting Preschoolers
  • Parenting the Challenging Child
  • The Magic Moment:  How to Impact Your Child’s Learning in 15 Minutes Per Day
  • How to Raise the Next Generation of Leaders
  • The Path Less Traveled:  How to Develop a Family Statement of Vision and Mission
  • Secrets of Time Management for Busy Families
  • Everything I Need to Know About Marriage I Learned From a Spider Plant
  • Make It-Take It:  Love Buckets

Workshop Presentations Available for Teens

  • Beyond Day Planners: Secrets to a (sort-of) Well-Organized Life
  • The “Can-Do” Lifestyle:  How to Succeed Against All Odds
  • Carpe Diem:  How to Make Your Life Extraordinary Every Day
  • Get Noticed: How to Write Your Personal Resume

 Workshop Presentations Available for Educators

  • Real Tools, Real Work for Brain Development                                                         
  • ADHD, LD, MR, PDD, ASD, OCD:  A Practical Overview of Special Needs
  • Attention Deficit Disorder:  A Practical Approach
  • Behavior Management of Difficult Students
  • Best Practices for Inclusion of the Special Needs Child                                             
  • Motivating the Unmotivated Student

 10-week Private Counseling Modules Available for Children, Teens and Families

  • Home Behavior Management Strategies for Children and Teens
  • Conflict Resolution for the Family
  • Anger Management for Children and Teens
  • Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say:  Effective Communication Skills

Workshops and private counseling are presented within a Biblical Christian framework.

Fees available upon request.