Welcome to my new website!  So many of my families have urged me to publicize  the services that I provide to children and families that I decided to try a simple blog-format website.  You can read my profile, the services that I provide and testimonials from parents who have found my work with their children helpful.  Periodically I will post articles about success stories with children whom others had given up on, specific disabilities and interventions which really help, and inspirational thoughts. So check back from time-to-time and see what’s new to help you on your way with your special children!

Barbara Dodd McMillan is currently engaged in private practice as an educational psychologist for families with both special needs and  non-handicapped  students in homeschools, cyber schools and traditional educational settings.

She was among the pioneering homeschoolers in Pennsylvania in the early 1980s, and contributed to the writing of Act 169 of 1988, the current PA homeschool law.  Barbara serves as a homeschool evaluator for elementary, high school and special needs students, and evaluates for both the Erie and PA Homeschool Diploma programs. She has written numerous articles on the topic of homeschooling, as well as several practical manuals, including The Start-Up Books for Homeschooling Elementary and High School Students, and The Whatz-Up Book:  A Guide to the PA Homeschool Law for Special Needs Students.  (Click the Resources  tab to order.)She offers independent diagnostic assessment for children with exceptionalities, consultation with school personnel, therapists and doctors to help families access appropriate services for their children, and cognitive behavioral counseling from a Christian perspective. Barbara is a frequent conference speaker, both locally and overseas, on topics related to exceptional children, parenting and behavior management.

Barbara’s years in West Africa as an educational consultant with Wycliffe Bible Translators were instrumental in broadening her perspective to include the unique challenges of education within the international context.  She continues to minister overseas through short-term trips with medical teams working with special needs children; recent trips included Uzbekistan and Mongolia.

In addition to her Masters degree in Child Development, post-Masters work in special education and professional training as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Barbara recently received her Board Certification as a Christian Counselor from the American Association of Christian Counselors.


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