Ten Easy Steps to Homeschooling Your Child In Pennsylvania


1. Study the Pennsylvania Homeschool Law (Act 169 of 1988). You might find my manuals helpful:
– The Start-Up Book for Homeschooling Elementary Students
– The Start-Up Book for Homeschooling High School Students
– The WhatzUp Book: A Guide to the PA Homeschool Law for Special Needs Students (just revised in 2013!)
– Go to the Resources tab for information on ordering these manuals.

2. Consult with a qualified evaluator regarding mutual expectations about your homeschool program. Get guidance about writing your learning objectives, log and portfolio formats, curriculum options, local support groups, co-ops and diplomas.

3. Submit the notarized affidavit, child’s immunization records, learning objectives and copy of your high school or college diploma to your school District by August 1, or as soon as you start your first year of homeschooling. Get a receipt from the District.

4. Gather your curriculum resources, set a daily schedule for homeschooling, and begin the homeschooling adventure! Keep medical records throughout the year.

5. In the log, write the daily learning activities your child does with you, with others or on his own. Keep a list of books read by and to your child. Be diligent with your documentation. Date everything!

6. Keep samples of his homeschool work by academic subject, including field trips, photos, brochures, art, music, fitness and health, creative projects, etc. in his portfolio.

7. Arrange for achievement testing when your child is in grades 3, 5 or 8.

8. Schedule and complete the year-end evaluation with your evaluator in the Spring. Call in March to make your appointment – don’t wait till the last minute!

9. Arrange to take the log, portfolio and evaluator’s report to your District’s homeschool liaison before June 30. Ask for an appointment so you can go over the portfolio with the District liaison and get constructive feedback on your program.

10. Develop your learning objectives for the next year, and consult with your evaluator for approval of your homeschool program if you have a special needs child. Submit your notarized affidavit, learning objectives and letter of approval to your school District by August 1st. Gather your curriculum resources, set a daily schedule for homeschooling, and begin your next year of a great homeschooling adventure!